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Why Network in Adelaide with BNI?

Formed in January 1985, BNI is a professional business networking organisation that helps people generate new business through powerful business referrals during regular, structured local chapter meetings. Find out more about BNI below. If you’re looking to increase your business opportunities in the North Adelaide area and would like more information.

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What is BNI?

BNI is a professional business networking organisation that helps you generate new business through powerful business referrals. BNI has over 264,000 participants worldwide, in over 76 countries… all of whom have benefited from increased referral business as a result of BNI. In BNI Adelaide North our Members generate over $9,658,782 in closed business each year for each other, and worldwide this figure increases to over $16 billion US Dollars.

Businesses rely on referrals and BNI is designed for that purpose. What goes around comes around. If I help you, you’ll help me and we will both benefit as a result. This is a unique platform that integrates face to face networking with an online global network connecting thousands of professionals globally.

Participating in BNI is like having dozens of other professional business people looking for business opportunities for you! Members are committed to helping each other and when they meet someone who could use your products or services they recommend your services. It’s as simple as that!

Meet Future You… A Confident Networker

The Values

The Skills

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of this organisation is built upon the idea of “Givers Gain®”: By giving business to others, you will get business in return. This is predicated on the age-old idea of “What goes around, comes around.”

Our Mission

BNI is the largest and most successful business networking organisations in Australia today. We offer our members the opportunity to share ideas, contacts, and most importantly, business referrals!

Come to our meeting and see for yourself how over 280k members get more business.

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