Attend the 2020 Business Growth Conference

Simone Douglas

Simone Douglas

Are you dreaming big? Big goals need big networks.

We are very excited to be hosting this year’s 2020 Business Growth Conference here in Adelaide and we’re open to anyone looking to Learn and Grow whilst connecting with the wider business community. The conference features world class speakers on the topics of resilience, mind set, connecting with your customers in a disconnected world, ethical selling a relationship based model, distilling your key messages, the psychology of storytelling and how to use it, and growth mindset. It’s the conference where you bring your whole team to and change the face of your business when you implement what you have learnt!

All full day tickets purchased prior to the 14th February for the 2020 Business Growth Conference hosted by BNI Australia will give you VIP access on the day and unique networking opportunities in the breaks so make sure to book your tickets now!

Click here for event details and to register

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