Building Strong Business Connections: Meet April Hobbs, Director of AH Media International



In today’s dynamic business landscape, meaningful connections can ignite opportunities and spark growth. We invite you to get acquainted with April Hobbs, the dynamic force behind AH Media International. April’s story exemplifies the profound impact of networking on both personal and business development.

Unlocking Opportunities Everywhere

April’s zeal for networking stems from her innate passion for people and small businesses. She views the world with an entrepreneurial lens, spotting opportunities at every corner. For her, walking into a room bursting with people isn’t daunting but exhilarating. She says, “I love to meet people. I’m passionate about filling a room full of people and watching the magic happen. I am my network.”

The BNI Experience: Building Bridges

April’s association with BNI Adelaide North has been transformative. She emphasizes the invaluable lessons she’s imbibed, stating, “BNI has taught me that there is power in connections. It’s where opportunity, friendship, and collaboration collide.” Through BNI, she discovered the strength in establishing networks and nurturing those relationships.

A Support System Like No Other

Starting a business can be a challenging endeavour. For many, it’s a lonely journey filled with uncertainties. However, April found solace in BNI’s supportive framework. She proudly shares, “BNI created a framework for me and a level of confidence to start my own business. With BNI, I wasn’t alone. I have a complete support system, ensuring I don’t have to juggle every role. They’ve become my biggest cheerleaders and a crucial part of my business development strategy.”

A Word of Wisdom for Aspiring Networkers

Reflecting on her journey, April wishes she had known one thing before diving in: the essence of immersion. Networking isn’t about passivity. She elaborates, “It’s about being involved, not merely taking a seat and expecting results. Once you embody the ‘Givers Gain’ philosophy, it becomes a way of life.”

April’s story resonates with the core values of BNI, underlining the pivotal role of commitment, engagement, and the power of a supportive community.

Embark on Your Networking Adventure

Inspired by April Hobbs’ enlightening journey? BNI Adelaide North offers a thriving community, ready to welcome and support you. Witness the transformative power of networking, the way April did. Seize the opportunity to attend an upcoming BNI event and immerse yourself in a pool of potential, knowledge, and growth.

Dive in, connect, and elevate your business. Get invited to a BNI Adelaide North event today!

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