Building Strong Business Connections: Meet Jo-anne Cain, Owner of Soul Essence – Therapy and Life Coaching



In today’s increasingly interconnected world, establishing strong business relationships and networks can spell the difference between success and stagnation. Meet Jo-anne Cain, the inspiring owner of Soul Essence ~ Therapy & Life Coaching, who’s leveraged the power of networking to enhance her business’ growth and reach in an impactful way.

In this blog, we’ll be delving into Jo-anne’s experiences with networking, the lessons she’s learned, and the myriad of ways BNI Adelaide North has facilitated her business expansion. Read on to learn how networking can revolutionise your professional trajectory and how you can become part of this exciting journey!

The Power of Networking:

For Jo-anne, networking is more than just an opportunity to hand out business cards – it’s a chance to meet individuals she wouldn’t normally encounter, gain inspiration, and expand her business. A huge portion of Jo-anne’s work comes through referrals, demonstrating the essential role that networking plays in her business’ growth. She understands that for potential clients to feel safe, a recommendation from a trusted network often makes the difference.

Lessons Learned:

Jo-anne’s journey with BNI Adelaide North has taught her the profound importance of fostering connections outside of her circle. She acknowledges the value in getting to know people from various careers, backgrounds, and regions. These relationships are not only enriching personally but can often lead to unexpected and fruitful business opportunities.

Growth Through Networking:

Jo-anne’s networking efforts, facilitated by BNI Adelaide North, have pushed her out of her comfort zone, leading to personal growth and a wider awareness of her business. Although based in Riverland, she has expanded her reach by connecting with a diverse range of individuals through networking events, both in-person and on digital platforms like Zoom.

The Value of BNI Networking:

Reflecting on her past networking experiences, Jo-anne wishes she’d known earlier about the unique value of BNI Adelaide North. She’s found that the structure, support, and opportunities BNI provides far exceed those offered by casual networking meetups. In her words, BNI networking is a more rewarding and effective tool for business growth.

Want to network like Jo-anne Cain? Join us at BNI Adelaide North and make connections that boost your business. Attend our events to see how networking can transform your career. Learn, grow, and expand your circle. Get your invite today and step forward in your professional journey.


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