Business Growth Conference 2021


Are you dreaming big? Big goals need big networks.

We are very excited to be hosting next year’s 2021 Business Growth Conference here in Adelaide and be inspired to grow your business, to develop yourself and connect with other members of our awesome BNI community here in Australia!

We are pleased to bring you a high value event with amazing keynote presenters from Australia and the world! We are truly committed to helping members connect Nationally and Globally to grow their businesses and networks.

The 2021 business growth conference is a jam packed event being held at the Adelaide Convention Centre beginning on Wednesday 23 June and ending on Saturday 26 June.

The event is fully catered with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

The speaker line up is world class with speakers  on the topics of resilience, mind set, connecting with your customers in a disconnected world, ethical selling a relationship based model, distilling your key messages, the psychology of storytelling and how to use it, and growth mindset. It’s the conference where you bring your whole team to and change the face of your business when you implement what you have learnt!

All this and a chance to network with 800 other business owners and managers throughout the day.

Daily Conference Agenda

Wednesday Night: Ed Social

Thursday: ED Day

Friday: Conference

Saturday: DNA Day

2021 Business Growth Conference Speakers

Relate! Connect! Flourish!

Lisa McInnes-Smith

Time: 9.40am

When building relationships no comment is trivial and no moment is wasted. Every word counts! In fact, success can be measured one conversation at a time. Our relationships are the sum total of the words spoken and the actions repeated. The quality of your key relationships depends entirely on the quality of your interactions, particularly over the past 12 months.

Relationships are the key to our long-term success. The way we communicate and connect significantly influences our effectiveness in life and business. The honesty and quality of our conversations and our ability to influence others directly impacts the development of our bottom line.

This fun, high-energy session will help us to relate effectively, connect deeply and flourish publicly.

Key points:

  • How to connect better with spouses, partners, customers and peers.
  • How to build some new habits that help your whole life to flourish.
  • How to be a centre of encouragement and continual improvement.
  • How to engage in meaningful conversations that unlock the best in your partner and yourself.
  • How to communicate effectively what you need and want.
  • How to minimise meltdown moments.
  • How to talk yourself into living more joyfully and gratefully.
  • The most critical minutes at work and home.
  • Three little habits that leave a big impact.


  • A significant improvement in the quality of your conversations, your attitude and your choice of words.
  • A growing optimism about the potential of your key relationships.
Lisa McInnes-Smith
Make Your Business Magical

Peter Merrett

Time: 10.30am

Hold on to your hats, folks! And be prepared for some delicious moments of illuminating insights. Bringing Wonderful to Life playfully examines what happens to organisations when they possess the most vital element – emotional connection! Step inside this exciting new playground and enjoy uncomplicated ways to make your team-spirit and customer experience shine with Wonderful.

Three take-away Gems of Wonder:

  1. Refreshing techniques to amplify your business with heart and joyful team spirit.
  2. The breathtaking business value of being serious about fun.
  3. Exciting ways to go higher and give your customers goosebumps from your service.
Peter Merrett
Connected in a Disconnected World

Braith Bamkin


Connection is the core to our humanness, so why is it that so many of us feel disconnected in the modern world; surely technology is here to help, not hinder? The fact is that the speed of new technology and our ever-increasing reliance on the digital world leaves many people feeling isolated and alone. In the workplace, business owners, in particular, are expected to do more and technology sometimes seems to be ruling us, not the other way around.

In this keynote, Braith will share the good news side of technology and how to make it work for us with simple, practical steps. He will help the audience slow down, move away from distraction and connect with themselves and others.

Leave feeling uplifted and filled with understanding on how to connect to others in a meaningful way and a tool kit of simple, yet effective strategies that give them the freedom to choose the life that they want to live in a business that they want to create.

Braith Bamkin
Ethical Selling - The 1- Step Negotiation Ladder

Jack Corbett

Time: 2.00pm

This session will unpack the art and sweet science of sales and negotiation, focusing on a range of practical techniques you will be able to apply immediately. The session will be centred around tonality, body language, behavioural sciences, emotional intelligence & NLP. Those in attendance will work away richer for the experience and with a new ability to convert sales ethically and honestly at a much higher level.

Jack Corbett is a once in a generation speaker, author and sales trainer. With 15 years experience training over 4500 business globally his trademarked sales strategy; SWISH (Selling With Integrity & Selling Honestly) has become a global phenomenon creating over $2 billion in sales. After being awarded the title of Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Innovator of the Year & Runner Up Citizen of the Year, Jack was the first person in Channel 10’s ‘Shark Tank’s history to get 3 of the ‘Sharks’ namely Andrew Banks, Glen Richards & Steve Baxter all to invest in his business, proving he really does known how to sell!

Jack Corbett
The One Message Away Challenge

Terence Toh

Time: 3.15pm

The counter-intuitive method to drive more referrals and closed business from your next BNI Featured Presentation.

Founder and managing director of StrategiQ Corporation, Terence is a Business Growth Strategist and Business Coach who loves helping businesses to grow and prosper. Having founded, operated and grown several businesses over the past 23 years, Terence has ridden the inevitable ups & downs of business ownership – and it’s likely that he’s been exactly where you are now.

Terence Toh
Understanding & Using the Psychology of Effective Storytelling

Paul English

Time: 3.45pm

We often say that people want to do business with a person, not a business. Too many people, even in BNI, spend too much time talking about what they do rather than why they do it and about themselves as a person. As the referral process is based around KNOW, LIKE and TRUST, the stories that you tell and those your referral partners pass on about you, are extremely important. Telling your story and talking about yourself to others, doesn’t always come easy, especially for women. For some, even sharing an open and true GAINS profile in a 1-2-1 can be a self-effacing experience.

Speaker Bio

With many years experience as a radio talk show host and multimedia producer including currently in his video production company My Business My Story with his psychologist wife Alison, Paul will present why understanding and using the psychology of effective storytelling should be part of not only your marketing but also, your BNI experience.

Paul English
Growth Mindset versus a Fixed Mindset: You Choose

Julie-Anne Black

Time: 4.20pm

Essential tools for passionate professionals who want to take charge of their success and happiness.

Imagine your life was a TV Show would you watch it?

Just like the movies, every business has its own hero’s story. And it’s guaranteed you’ll have faced adversity, hit challenges, setbacks and may have questioned whether all the effort is worth it!

That’s why activating a “Success Mindset” is so paramount to your business and personal success.

In this session Julie-Anne will help you explore and recognise the:

  • Sabotaging characteristics of a Fixed Mindset
  • Superpowers that come with a Success Mindset
  • Why it’s so important to change your mindset in order to inspire, grow and connect!

The tips you’ll learn are practical, fun and easy to master. You can implement them immediately to Be Brilliant Now.

Julie-Anne Black is your Blockbuster Coach for purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

Through her Bold, Brave & Brilliant Mindset Makeover Program, Julie-Anne will help you bust through mental roadblocks so you can take charge of your success and happiness in your business and personal life.

Combining her 15 years experience as a Human Behaviour Specialist, Life Coach, Writer and International Keynote Speaker with her expertise as an accomplished TV & Events Producer – Who Wants to Be A Millionaire; Sydney Olympic Games Opening Ceremony, Julie-Anne will show you how to activate a success mindset and Be Brilliant Now.

Julie-Anne Black
Emotional Intelligence to Navigate the Crucial Conversations

Emily Dickinson

Time: 9.40am

This session is to give BNI Directors & Ambassadors both the people skills and the tools to work with the diversity of members and issues that come with leadership. We will unpack very practical tools and mindsets to build Emotional Intelligence using 5 main constructs (based on research by Daniel Goleman):
  1. Social skills
  2. Empathy
  3. Motivation
  4. Self regulation
  5. Self awareness

Participants will be given tools to give feedback, to build resiliency through crucial conversations and to shift their mindset to one of radical ownership in their role.

Emily has lived, worked and studied in the UK, USA and Australia, where she advocates for people’s best life. She has a Bachelor’s degree and two Master’s degrees from Australia and the USA that focus on leadership, unlocking potential and journeying with people from all walks of life.

Emily works with and has led state-wide organisations, facilitated training on multiple continents, and worked with people at all stages of life to coach them towards discovering their potential, redefining their future and reaching new heights in their professional and personal lives.

Emily currently lives in Perth with her husband and son.

Emily Dickson
Building Relationships through the Go4Green Challenge

Ilona Teremi

Time: 1.10pm

Inspiring change, creating strong working teams and delivering superior chapter and member results with the Go4Green Challenge!

Ilona Teremi is the Franchise owner of BNI Gold Coast and Tweed Shire Region in beautiful Queensland, Australia.  Ilona was a highly awarded member for 7 years and believes in building a world class, values driven BNI community.  Ilona’s 5 year plan is to work with 1000 high quality business committed to changing how they do business. Her Region is currently on track to generate more than AUD $40 million of closed business for 490 members in the last 12 months.

Ilona Teremi
Leading Change within our Chapters

Jay Verrico

Change leadership The ability to influence and enthuse others through personal advocacy, vision and drive.  In our ever-transforming landscapes leading change could be considered a critical leadership capability, but are we equipping ourselves and our chapters to navigate this landscape successfully?  Join me to unpack this important topic and expand your thinking on Leadership and Change.

Jay is able to draw from over a wealth of over 20 years’ experience enabling and developing others both personally and professionally in both the public and private sector.  She has exceptional communication skills and a strong drive to help others achieve their full potential.  She is  deeply intuitive and empathetic skilled at mentoring and engaging with teams to progress their growth.  Jay supports the building of capabilities within organisations through Managers and leaders who strive to understand how to create high-performance environment.

Jay Verrico


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