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Elevate Your Business in Port Adelaide with BNI Business Plus

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Port Adelaide, BNI Business Plus stands as a beacon for business professionals seeking to expand their networks and grow their enterprises.  As a key player in the business networking landscape, BNI Business Plus offers a unique platform for local businesses to connect, collaborate and thrive.

Why BNI Business Plus is Your Go-To for Business Networking

A Thriving Professional Community – At BNI Business Plus, we’re not just about networking; we’re about building a community.  Our members are committed to supporting each other’s business aspirations in a friendly and professional environment.

Diverse and Dynamic Membership – Our chapter boasts a wide array of successful business owners and managers from various industries, offering a rich tapestry of insights and opportunities.

Proven Success in Referral Marketing – Our members have consistently driven remarkable business growth through referrals, showcasing the power of our network.

Strategically Located in Port Adelaide – Our meetings in the historic and bustling Port Adelaide provide an ideal setting for networking, combining business growth with the area’s unique charm.

Experience the Best in Business Networking Events

Our networking events are more than just meetings; they are opportunities for professional growth and relationship building.  Each event is thoughtfully structured to maximize networking opportunities, allowing you to forge valuable connections and gain insights into the latest business trends.

Structured Networking Opportunities – Our regular meetings are designed to maximise your networking potential, ensuring that every interaction could lead to your next big opportunity.

Showcase Your Business – Each meeting provides a platform for you to present your business to a room full of potential collaborators and clients.

What to Expect at BNI Business Plus Events

Engaging Interactions – Our events are buzzing with lively discussions, where members and visitors share experiences, challenges and successes.

Opportunities for Growth –  Every meeting is an opportunity to connect with new clients, learn from peers and grow your business.

A Supportive Environment – BNI Business Plus is known for its supportive atmosphere, where every member is valued and encouraged to succeed.

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Our chapter is looking for (but not limited to) the following professions:

  • Real Estate – Residential Sales
  • IT Support Services
  • Non Profit/Fundraising Organisation
  • Chiropractor
  • General Insurance
  • Building Inspector

The Location and Time of the chapter

Our networking group Passed $1,451,986 AUD in business amongst its members in the past 12 months!

BNI Business Plus is more than just a networking group; it’s a community of professionals committed to each other’s success.  Our events in Port Adelaide are the perfect opportunity to meet new people, make connections and help your business grow.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of Port Adelaide’s premier business networking hub.  

Event Details

Join us in Port Adelaide for our regular meetings.  Please arrive on time to make the most of the networking opportunities.

Register for our next event and start your journey with BNI Business Plus today!

Come for our meeting, stay for the

Ready to take your business networking to the next level? Register for our next event and discover the difference BNI Business Plus can make in your professional journey.  Our meetings are open to both members and first-time visitors, offering a warm welcome to all.

Who Should Attend

Our events are ideal for business professionals in and around Port Adelaide who are looking to expand their network in a supportive and productive environment.

Everyone is welcome to attend our events as a guest, you are under no obligation to become a member but we are happy to take applications from like minded business owners and professionals.

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