Simone Douglas

Simone Douglas

Having a network is one thing, but leveraging it effectively is another ball game altogether. In the bustling business landscape of Adelaide, where networking events are aplenty, understanding the nuances of your network can be the difference between stagnation and business growth. Let’s delve into the art of taking calculated risks in networking, especially when you’re eyeing business growth in Adelaide or planning to attend business events in Adelaide.

The Network Equation: Do The Math

Many people believe they have a robust network until they try to tap into it. That’s when they realize they have a mere collection of contacts, not a functional network. The key to leveraging your network lies in understanding the dynamics of your relationships. How often have you helped them? How well do you know them? This is what I like to call “networking math,” and it’s crucial when you’re asking for favors, be it for business growth or promoting business events in Adelaide.

Real-World Example: Calculating the Favor Bank

Suppose I wanted Ivan Misner to write the foreword for my book. I quickly realized I didn’t have enough “favor credits” to ask him directly. So, I approached someone closer to Ivan, with whom I had a substantial favor bank, to make the request on my behalf.

Strategic Networking: Know Where You’re Going

Networking isn’t just about collecting business cards; it’s about aligning your network with your goals. For instance, if you’re looking to expand your business in Adelaide’s northern regions like Gawler and Salisbury, you need to be proactive in those areas. Attend local business events, engage with economic development officers, and initiate conversations that could lead to business growth.

Real-World Example: Networking in Salisbury

I recently attended a business event in Salisbury, where I met the economic development officer for the region. This meeting could be the first step in launching a new BNI chapter in Salisbury, which aligns perfectly with my business growth goals.

Techniques for Effective Networking:


Geographical and Industry Focus

If your business growth strategy is location-specific, identify networking events and groups in that area. If it’s industry-specific, consider joining relevant industry associations.

Emotional Preparedness

Networking can be intimidating. Arrive early, make yourself comfortable, and remember, it’s not about selling but about building relationships.

Think Like a Chess Player

Networking is strategic. Plan your first move and know your end goal. The steps in between will unfold as you engage with people.

Avoiding Analysis Paralysis

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you try to plan every detail. I never look at my entire week’s schedule; I focus on one day at a time. This approach keeps me from becoming paralyzed by an overload of information and allows me to take calculated risks effectively.

Real-World Example: The Risk of Overplanning

If you’ve planned every detail down to the wedding before even asking someone out for coffee, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Networking, like dating, requires a certain level of spontaneity and openness.

Becoming the Connector: The Long Game

Networking is a marathon, not a sprint. The most influential networkers are those who have spent years, even decades, building genuine relationships. They are the connectors, the go-to people who can make things happen.

Real-World Example: Multiple Chess Games

After attending the Salisbury event, I not only met the economic development officer but also got invited to present a workshop. This has led to multiple opportunities, all aimed at the same end goal: business growth in Adelaide.

Key Takeaways

Leveraging your network is essential for business growth in Adelaide.
Plan your first move and know your end goal, but be flexible with the steps in between.

The focus should always be on building relationships, not just making sales.

By taking calculated risks in networking, you’re not just rolling the dice; you’re strategically placing your bets where they count the most. Whether you’re looking to grow your business in Adelaide or make the most of business events in Adelaide, remember: in networking, as in life, fortune indeed favors the brave.


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