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Networking events and business events in Adelaide offer a melting pot of different generations. While much attention has been given to the Baby Boomers and Millennials, Generation Z is just entering the workforce, bringing with them a unique set of skills, experiences, and expectations. In this blog post, we will explore how to navigate the challenging yet rewarding landscape of networking with Generation Z.


Who is Generation Z?

This generation is still dipping its toes into the business world. They might not be the first group you consider when attending networking events in Adelaide, but it’s only a matter of time before they dominate the scene. Understanding their distinct communication styles and values is crucial for effective networking.


The Digital Native Challenge

Gen Z grew up in a world connected by smartphones and social media. This has given them a different set of social skills—ones that older generations might find challenging to understand. For example, don’t expect a phone call to be the best way to reach them; they are far more likely to respond to a text or a direct message.


Engagement in Face-to-Face Networking

When you meet Gen Z individuals at business events, they can be just as enthusiastic as their Millennial counterparts. The trick lies in making them comfortable. Involve them in discussions, spotlight their contributions briefly, and then let the conversation flow. They appreciate being acknowledged but don’t like being the constant center of attention.


Communicating Post-Event

Following up is key to solidifying any networking relationship. With Gen Z, a quick text, email, or LinkedIn message acknowledging a specific point they made can go a long way. This not only provides validation but also deepens the connection.


Digital Interactions in Conversations

Don’t be surprised if a Gen Z individual shows you a meme, video, or social media post during a conversation. It might seem like they’re disengaged, but this is their unique way of making a point or sharing something about themselves.


The Value of Brief Interactions

Gen Z doesn’t always expect or appreciate lengthy conversations. A simple ‘lol’ or thumbs-up emoji can be a sufficient response. It might seem abrupt to older generations, but for them, it’s efficient and acceptable.


Emotional Intelligence and Honesty 

Gen Z values honesty, but they may not always know how to express their opinions tactfully. Older generations can provide valuable mentorship here, teaching them how to convey their thoughts in a kind and professional manner.


Practical Tips for Effective Networking with Gen Z

  1. Make Eye Contact: Teach them the value of non-verbal cues like eye contact.
  2. Professional Humour: Help them understand when humor is appropriate in a professional setting.
  3. Long-term Relationship Building: Stress the importance of nurturing relationships even if their benefits aren’t immediately apparent.


Key Takeaways

  • Bridge the generation gap effectively without compromising your own values.
  • Nurture all relationships; you never know where they may lead.
  • Networking with younger generations offers an excellent opportunity for both parties to learn and grow.

For anyone planning to attend networking or business events in Adelaide, understanding Generation Z is increasingly important. They are the future leaders and understanding how to connect with them now can result in long-lasting, beneficial relationships down the road.

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