BNI Adelaide North Member Testimonials

Read what some of our region members have to say about their experience being a BNI Member through their testimonials. If you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, franchise owner or business manager and looking to increase your revenue through referral based marketing in the North Adelaide area, contact us for more information and to get invited to one of our chapter meetings. See what it’s all about!

Relationships That Support Individual & Business

Amazing experience allowing me to grow my business in a way that is sustainable and developing important relationships that support me not only in but business but in my personal life as well.

Synergy Holistic

Grow Your Network With BNI

***Calling all business owners*** if you are interested in growing your business and getting qualified referrals I highly recommend BNI Adelaide North . BNI has helped me grow my business greatly and has allowed me to grow my network with like minded business owners.

Sergio Silvestri

It's the best Business & Networking Tool

I was in awe after attending my first meeting and since I’ve never looked back! The relationships you build are with awesome like-minded people who wish success to you and your business and are happy to help out wherever they are able. As a business & networking tool I wish I have learnt about it sooner!

Ryan Moseby

I Can Vouch For BNI Adelaide North

Anyone wanting to grow their business should not look beyond BNI as a start to say the least. There are very few networking groups which has the potential to bring in more than 50% of your customers/clients. Having been a part of BNI Adelaide North I can certainly vouch for it. I would highly recommend for all those in start ups or SMEs to give it a go by visiting any of the chapters in BNI Adelaide North and see for yourself what a wonderful opportunity it can open up.

Mitesh Sanghavi

The Connections & Opportunities Are Endless

The BNI Adelaide North Team provide a warm and welcoming environment for businesses across all their locations. Whether you are the business owner or a key employee of the business, the connections and opportunities are endless and BNI Adelaide North always provide a positive, supportive experience to help build your business.

Meredith Waterhouse

Being An BNI Adelaide North Member Is A Bonus

I was always someone’s guest when they needed me at various BNI meetings over the course of roughly 11 years.
for 5 years a good friend of mine pestered me to join and I always made the excuse up that it wouldn’t work for me.
Reluctantly, I attended his meeting in March 2020, liked what I saw and decided to become a member, just for a year. the theory was if I got my membership fee back, the only thing I would have lost is 2 hours on a Thursday morning (still not convinced it was going to work).
I didn’t really engage with it for a couple of months but decided to put a bit of effort in.
Wow! the results for our flooring business have been staggering, BNI now accounts for approximately 40% of our turnover. I am now in my second year as a member and could not imagine being outside of the organisation.
An added bonus is that I have made some real good friends in other trades and professions that ordinarily we would never crossed paths and have been lucky enough to help them as well.

Martin Roantree

Come to our meeting and see for yourself how over 300k members get more business.

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