Why keep trying to pry open locked doors when someone else has the key

Simone Douglas

Simone Douglas

Do you want a return from BNI?

Do you think the members that sit either side of you at your meeting want the same?

So what action are you taking to make that happen?

Givers gain is not about passively waiting it is about actively doing.

Every week when you go to your BNI Meeting you sit through your fellow members weekly presentations about who their ideal referrals are and why they are the best solution for that referral. Each week you sit there with your Agenda and trade list and hopefully you also have a pen. If your trade List is blank at the end of the meeting you can’t possibly act. If the members either side of you aren’t taking notes they can’t help either

So what is the real challenge?

Write something next to every members name every week

Deliver a specific request every week

Then ask the question What question is that anyway?

Go out to your networks and to LinkedIn and ask permission to make the introduction for your fellow member, I mean what’s the worst that can happen? They say no, hardly the end of the world but what if they say yes?

The power is in asking – you aren’t there to close the deal you are there to open the door

If you choose not to look for the doors you can open and everyone is doing the same then we aren’t going to get very far and we certainly aren’t going to change the face of our local economy.

But – if we are the leaders in BNI and this is the engine room for all of our businesses imagine just what might happen if every one of us opened a door this week.

The trick is to tack action in the moment, set aside the time to be a good member and actively create a Givers Gain opportunity by asking the question. When you do occasionally magic happens and in the current climate we could all use a little more magic.

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